What’s new in health tourism?

What’s new in health tourism?

Foreign investors find attractive to setting up a business in Spain the call health tourism, as a niche quite important and large market, because it is related to different business areas; hospitals, health centers, spas, health insurance and travel agencies or tour operators.

Lawyers in Spain are preparing on the subject, because they are increasingly customers coming to the office to hire legal counsel that corresponds to health tourism

But coming on as many may be wondering, what is this boom in the tourism market? They are basically agreements that have approved health centers with different business areas such as travel agencies, hotels with areas exclusively for the use of the patient’s recovery. Finally a set of everything a person could need to feel at home.

For people who decide to make health tourism, the fact of enjoy a pleasant climate, to see the sun each morning, have a room in a residence with different air to hospitals, even in cases permitted guided tours of visits interest that has the city, makes spend up to seven times more than a conventional tourist.

Why lawyers in Spain say that the profile of the type of clients that hire this service are people of different nationalities in the Nordic countries, where the sun rarely comes out, which for many is the source of life. And the investor profile are usually health sector who know the subject.

In addition to the above arguments the most weight to setting up a business in Spain of health tourism, is to exploit the changes made by the Spanish government regarding the health card for foreigners.

This is a guarantee that more and more investors of this type who come to the country, with the idea of ​​creating these businesses and directly generate many more sources of employment, and all this under the advice of trained lawyers and professionals in the all area will be carried out in the correct manner within the legal and regulatory framework of the country, and so that under no circumstances will any type of legal problem occur, whatever the scope.